Our goals

Health workers for all


Strengthen the voice of civil society

We want to make sure global, regional and national policy-making on HRH includes and considers the voice(s) of civil society.


We link global, regional, and national civil society organizations and their networks to share assessments and promote mutual learning and joint strategizing.


We support health workers and their organizations to strengthen their voice in public health policymaking.

Promote the implementation of existing policies

We critically watch the implementation of international, regional and domestic policies and agreements on HRH or in sectors with a strong influence on HRH (e.g. trade agreements, taxation, migration, environmental health, security), by facilitating the participation of civil society organizations.


We promote accountability of governments and multilateral institutions on the implementation of global, regional and local commitments on HRH, and prevention of attacks on health workers.

Advocate global solidarity for health workers

We advocate firm and sustained financial support for low- and middle-income countries to fund strong health systems, and address issues of fiscal space for scaling up investments to meet health workforce needs.


We promote policy development coherence on HRH among the United Nations system and other global governance institutions to prevent a potential shortfall of 18 million health workers, mainly in low- and middle-income countries.


We want to counter potential negative policies or influence on the availability of funding for HRH from global institutions such as the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, G7, and G20.


We promote a strong public health workforce and to stay vigilant of business associations and governments promoting the for-profit privatization of health care provision.

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Encourage sharing and joint action

We promote sharing civil society voices - especially of health workers themselves - analyses, strategies and perspectives, experiences and best practices on HRH based on current and relevant social, scientific, and technical considerations.


We promote joint strategizing and the development of civil society positions and action on critical issues.


We foster the publication of joint civil society positions such as shadow reports and other advocacy materials on HRH.


We want to establish sustainable, self-governed and democratic working and communication structures that will allow us to achieve these goals.