join the coalition

The Health Workers for All Coalition represents a diverse group of civil society organizations working at a global, regional, national and/or local level.

The coalition is still in its initial phase. We welcome public interest civil society organizations such as NGOs and NGO networks, social movements, academic institutions, health workers' professional associations, unions, coalitions, but also individuals.


You are welcome to join if you:

•   support the platform of the HW4AllCoalition;

•   are dedicated to joining forces, engaging in activities of the HW4AllCoalition and contributing to the development and consolidation of the coalition. 


Please email our Secretariat (see contact details) and provide basic information about you (as an organization or individual) and your interest in the health workforce. If there is a doubt about a candidate that wants to qualify for the membership, a decision is taken by the steering committee based on a request by the secretariat.